Parallel Learning: Serving students with learning differences

by Dan Povitsky ( 2 min read )
Dec 17, 2021

Today, we’re excited to announce our investment in Parallel Learning’s Seed round. Parallel provides telehealth services to diagnose, teach, and empower students with learning differences.

Reaching Underserved Populations with Personalized Care

My partner Eric and I have been fortunate to partner early on with another successful NYC telehealth platform: Ro Health (today valued at $5bn+). We have found that transformational healthcare technology companies are led by intensely passionate founders building products that reach underserved populations with an unwavering commitment to personalized care. Parallel founder Diana Heldfond embodies this spirit. She is energized by a deeply personal mission, and from our first conversations, it was obvious this patient-centric approach extends to the whole team. That team includes licensed psychologists, learning specialists, occupational therapists; as well as folks with experience scaling clinical ops for leading mental health companies, creating the first consumer messaging for companies like Ro and PillPack, and conducting prevailing research on the validity of tele-assessment.

Proprietary Technology to Increase Access & Lower Costs for Families

We’ve been inspired by what this team’s shared vision for quality care has enabled them to build since launching earlier this year. Parallel has created a first-of-its-kind online learning assessment in partnership with Riverside and other testing publishers. This IP cuts the evaluation time in half at a fraction of the price of traditional assessments. While the early product is unique, what’s compelling is the roadmap which we believe elevates Parallel to the reference platform for students, families, and clinicians. We won’t steal the team’s thunder, but can share that beyond existing subscription packages for educational therapy and executive function coaching, the platform will soon feature: speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and much more…

Unprecedented Acceptance and Success of Telehealth in U.S. K12

Our excitement for Parallel is overshadowed by the enthusiasm from some of the top school districts in the country, with which the company is engaged. Whereas telehealth was previously seen as an option of last resort, we have seen the K12 mindset shift post-COVID. The past 2 academic calendars have resulted in not only a growing acceptance and success of telehealth in K12, but also a growing awareness of neurodiversity pulling forward the demand for Parallel’s solution. We have also observed an unprecedented clinician shift to tech amidst a desire for work flexibility and comfort providing therapy remotely, giving Parallel a much wider pool of accredited clinicians to match students with than was possible before. Finally, while Parallel has been at the forefront of school outreach, it is more common than ever for the journey to care to start outside of the classroom and the company is already improving the lives of dozens of students coming in through referrals, such as 8 year old Hayden who drew her favorite Parallel therapist in one review (shared with permission below).



We are excited to partner with Diana, Place, and the entire Parallel team as they work to ensure all students, including those who think and learn a bit differently, are given the opportunity to thrive.